Group Members

Dr Leigh Crilley
Dr Leigh Crilley - Research Fellow
Measurement of Ozone Production Rates and ClearfLo - Clean Air for London

Dr Louisa Kramer
Dr Louisa Kramer - Research Fellow

Danny Blenkhorn
Danny Blenkhorn - PhD student
Novel approaches to the measurement of atmospheric VOC mixtures using soft chemical-ionisation mass spectrometry - drift-tube techniques
(joint with Chris Mayhew and Rob MacKenzie; CASE project with Kore Technology)

Hao Huang
Hao Huang - PhD student
Measurement of Ozone Production Rates

Ajit Singh
Ajit Singh - PhD student
Interactions of Bioaerosol and Atmospheric Oxidants
(joint with Francis Pope)

Lubna Al-Saadi - PhD student
Source Apportionment of Particulate Matter in Qatar

Tara Rasoul
Tara Rasoul - PhD student
Urban Climate Effects on Air Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry

Jian Zhong
Jian Zhong - PhD student
Modelling air pollution within a street canyon (joint with Xiaoming Cai)

Mariam Al-Adbar
Mariam Al-Adbar - PhD student
Air Quality under future Climate Scenarios (joint with Gregor Leckebusch)

Past Research Students
Dr Suad Al-Kindi - PhD student - now Senior Lecturer at the Higher College of Technology, Oman
Dr Kate Faloon - PhD student - now working on LIDAR observations of volcanic ash on Iceland within NCAS
Dr Vivien Bright - PhD student - now Research Fellow at the Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge
Dr Salim Alam - PhD student - now Research Fellow with Prof RM Harrison, Birmingham
Lucy Concannon - MPhil - now at Akzo Nobel

Past Research Fellows
Dr Mike Newland - Research Fellow - now at the University of East Anglia
Dr Juan Najera - Research Fellow - now at the University of Manchester
Dr Shana Saha - Research Fellow - now at BSP Optical Performance Centre
Dr Marie Camredon - Research Fellow - now Lecturer at LISA, Paris
Dr Catherine Bale - Research Fellow - now at University of Leeds

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